Soundtrack- October

October 23, 2008

The Hush Sound- Weeping Willows
Yael Naim and David Donatien- New Soul
Erin McKeown- Cosmopolitans
The Charlatans- High up your tree
Dido- White Flag
Minipop- Like I do
Standfast- Helicopter
The Hush Sound- Don’t wake me up
Imogen Heap- Speeding cars
Dirt Poor Robins- Love again
The Sounds- Fire

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September 22, 2008

Trente Moller- Moan
Crystal Method- Starting over
Deadly Avenger- Lopez
Massive Attack- Teardrop
Loess- Brumal
Erland Oye- Ir’s a fine day
The cars are the Stars- Mouvement
Amon Tobin- At the end of the day
scot project- An asian sunrise
Royksopp- Poor Leno
Trente Moller- Miss you

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Soundtrack- August

August 5, 2008

Katie Todd- Innocent
Sia- The girl you lost to cocaine
Nellie McKay- Down Low
Feist- I feel it all
Katie Todd- Leave
Alana Davis- Lullabye
The Broadcast Debut- Stars
Peter Bjorn and John- Young Folks
Rocco Delica and the Burden- Gravitate
Starflyer 59- lifeguard
Imogen Heap- Glittering Cloud
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Pin

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Soundtrack- July

July 5, 2008

John Murphey- Surface of the Sun
Little People- Breathe Again
Burial- Archangel
Copy- Closet Face
Little People- Basique
Air- Don’t be light
Metric- calculation theme
Cinephile- What becomes of us
Little People- Start Shootin’
Bones Domingo- The Perfect Meltdown
Burial- Etched headplate
Little People- Moon

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