June 24, 2010

The drop chittered down her spine invasively,
shredding a trailblaze through the muggy stick of the humidity on the derma
sharp, sparkling-wine-shock, winding through each vertibra
touching each nerve ending like counting fingers
there are bones in this water.


intellectual highway

June 22, 2010

There’s a throb behind the eyes when it happens-
everything is still and suspended in time: amber flies caught in earth’s lusty grasp.
Words, forming like enlightened pixels on a digital bilboard, sunning in the Chicago deadheat
I 9094 choked with assholes and pulsating vaginas, cocks streaming at the ready thump of an erotic rush of car.
I broke the sound barrier- my thoughts a sonic thunder in my brain. I could hear synapses thickening with scar tissue before I felt them break.

swift clouds

June 22, 2010

stiff ally with a choked hold- no air
there is a tourniquet around the oxygen, my containers empty
these trees are too swiftpleaseanswerthefucking phone-
my soliloquy solstice solo:
stuck in a stillbirth alleyway in the breadth of a storm in heat.