August 11, 2009

Frustrating is sitting
at the doctor’s office,
having to piss
when nothing but air comes out and a slight trickle of blood-orange urine.
are you on your period or did you take a pain reliever
her english isn’t broken but her accent is
thick, like a down comforter in the middle of winter paired with a heat blanket.

Frustrating is seeing
the expression on the physicians face as he touches your body
exam handsing your torso chest and shoulders
when you flinch at the gloved touch on your layered clothing
do you want a female doctor referral
I’ll be fine but I’d like a female gyne.



August 10, 2009

It’s the eyes
staring in one direction.
Settle down.


August 9, 2009

The sound of a shot ran through her head like a sprinter with blood on his heels.
Splinters sang through the shards of brain and glass skull fragments that had burst into the star-lit morning.
a shower, sprawled across the pristine white, of blood still looked like arterial spray in motion. The ruby drops suspended in unrealistic time.
Everything slowed down.

tantric gravity

August 4, 2009

ill equinox- the moon motion throwing off balance,
the tides are extremely uneven.
Where are the sun flares? The guns haven’t gone off,
but the emissions were ignited.
The radar won’t hit the equator- everything is skewed.
Temperature tantrum.