December 18, 2008

spliced hearts hang from rusted hooks
swinging like gloved fists in a darkened arena
precarious fingers delicately play the strings,
manipulation and joy intermittent notes throughout
such a terrible dance.



December 12, 2008

crish crash clashing,
slamming into stone walls and beating
hands bloody on napkins with novels of
thought and anonymenity jotted upon them.
solid stool posing as gifts
scented in a disguise known as affection.

several footprints lead away
bedsheets stained and cut and missing
nothing new
nothing clean
all is blue and mean.


December 6, 2008

Throbbing, a pulse. Medicated with tranquilizing
pills. break in the artery, veins running low on fuel,
the energy, the electricity, the passion is runaway fast.
white lines grace the tarmac tables, human race snorting up the potential
and shitting out all hope.
Abandonment and thrill,
terror, tremor, throb.