October 30, 2008

despicable particles lay spread about the feet of the
societal recital, piano benches and flute keys littering the
ground zero of mental images and self-esteem straws.
bikini thongs, stretched to full capacity, swing in lazy squares
spilling the fruits of the labor of the loin into the toilets and pantyliners.


code error

October 24, 2008

Enter intelligent reality
purposeful rain, splattering, smattering, smearing
down window pains, erasing hands, fingers, prints
jagged oil streaks, marking the existence of carelessness,
intention and human error
code 404


October 24, 2008

Within this sedated moment
I would like to destroy you
minature explosions surrounding a face, halo beams
gentle dusting of blood spatter, grazing the cheek of a thought of the twinkle in your
fingernail polish
the gloss isn’t enough to keep the sun from burning
and the plate that broke is one less shatter away from becoming your destiny.

Soundtrack- October

October 23, 2008

The Hush Sound- Weeping Willows
Yael Naim and David Donatien- New Soul
Erin McKeown- Cosmopolitans
The Charlatans- High up your tree
Dido- White Flag
Minipop- Like I do
Standfast- Helicopter
The Hush Sound- Don’t wake me up
Imogen Heap- Speeding cars
Dirt Poor Robins- Love again
The Sounds- Fire

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