practical evaluations

August 27, 2008

powerful destruction of earth, the
shattered bits of dust are caked on,
permafrosted into the past.
memory book of wood shavings and concrete stilettos
pristine pennies are littered in the sewers.

the ocean still exists.


Soundtrack- August

August 5, 2008

Katie Todd- Innocent
Sia- The girl you lost to cocaine
Nellie McKay- Down Low
Feist- I feel it all
Katie Todd- Leave
Alana Davis- Lullabye
The Broadcast Debut- Stars
Peter Bjorn and John- Young Folks
Rocco Delica and the Burden- Gravitate
Starflyer 59- lifeguard
Imogen Heap- Glittering Cloud
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Pin

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