July 20, 2008

error cut through the wires
the visions were blurred by
static anonymity, singular participation.
a prick, a taste at the feel
of transient beauty, passing through
the fingertips of the unkind man
scars of faded memories tearing into the flesh
of innocent flies.



July 15, 2008

horrible heckling, handshaking harm, haven for the
triplet abuse of mind body air.
crushed childhood, cupped closely; clouds abandon.
the dreamer wakes and pushes salty sweat stained pillows
off the ledge, off the shelf, off the brain.
orange bottle caps, projected from loosely threaded thoughts,
cramped quarters and pressurized compliments.
cornered into the cornea of society.


July 7, 2008

tossed into a reckless abandonment of cliche,
crushed flowers under heels of shoe-shined cocktail dresses, feathers and crimped eyelashes
lonely tables and full plates
empty eyes staring in wistful anticipation
clashing crashing entrance, exits upon realisation that there’s nothing
percocet dreams and valium nightmares
backbending arm stretches, handshakes for the unknown
temporal temples, worship for the.

Soundtrack- July

July 5, 2008

John Murphey- Surface of the Sun
Little People- Breathe Again
Burial- Archangel
Copy- Closet Face
Little People- Basique
Air- Don’t be light
Metric- calculation theme
Cinephile- What becomes of us
Little People- Start Shootin’
Bones Domingo- The Perfect Meltdown
Burial- Etched headplate
Little People- Moon

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saran wrap

July 2, 2008

I am not in pristine condition,
pasturized for the masses, pre-packaged, individual servings, processed and preserved.
tampered package, video recordings, rated
reactive and irresponsible.