June 24, 2008

A channeled focus, from left to right, ravaged fingers, lace-weight whispers promises as heavy as stones in suitcases, empty streetlights and packed cars on a freeway to emotion.
crashing craniums, crushed core compliments, comingled.
heart throb heart beat heart stopping
teal cockatoo, cracker barrel celophane, trio of stringed instruments hung like beads of sweat, morning dew and spit.
damaged docile dimpled daughters, danced death- doorbells, dares, dresses.
claw marks on the pencils.


rapid rotation

June 20, 2008

skewed world through a waterglass, impurities and imperfections, quaint avenues and quiet fences.
shattered shards of
ice curl up on the ground, fetal positions of memories in frozen preservation.


June 11, 2008

footprints and paper trails.
we are never alone and our blood is like a river flowing
thin slices of skin taut over poles of bone, tied with simple sinew
dripping anticipation like rotting body matter
fecal words and urinating thoughts

storm drains and parafin paper boats.

tea cup

June 9, 2008

Welcome to today, where fear lives tomorrow.
simple arterial spray, spattered mispellings and the droplets of useless information
scattered on the floor,
shattered ice cubes drifting in young wine
bottles without wisdom or knowledge or care
an apathetic view from a prophetic ridge.
cusp of reality