May 29, 2008

zero motion
sickness in flight, pushing pulsing
circular needles, throbbing into veins
arterial spray, sprinkler in a backyard
puppymill, estranged parents signing newborn certificates
screaming adoption, bracelets denoting medical conditions
and how to kill, a mocking bird.



May 23, 2008

flaccid frantic facial expressions, the flesh devoured in minutes upon a realisation that the sun has set in a semi-permanent freeze- the earth will remain in the same rotation upon the lapse of infinity. cracked glass mimicks ice in a state of purity upon immediate temperature of frost.
a breakthrough into a pile of shattered dreams and spiderwebbed sleep, children still rubbing their hopes out of their eye sockets, electric cords that power the beds are frayed, when touched they feel like coarse horse hair.

simple sporadic snarling scowls, birds in flight warn of an impending

spiteful summer

May 19, 2008

spinning thread, tendrils, tacit thoughts tearing traceless tracks
tears, wet with anticipation, wind down cheeks of grass and cloudy meadows of the mind
schizophrenic terrors, night fears running down the chaser,
vodka shots and bright lights, door tables and bad television
memories made of protein strands, egg in water from the shattered shell, boiling into a solid form.

iced coffee wistful herb gardens good friends poor wine.


May 18, 2008

anything before this is backlog from a previous journal. please discern between new and old by the lack of titles on the old.