June 27, 2007

searching searing screaming scratching scattering
noises and images
smoke beams and billows, tendrils and lacy lazy wisps
whisper secrets, snarling confessions- sold at a concession stand are the
cards- sympathy for the lover
encouragement for the drug
congratulations to the.
No more successes, only segregations.
seperation and slapping reality- different tables and that cab
won’t stop.
not yours.
So Pale
So White
So Small
So what.


June 20, 2007

such quiet
permeating these im
pregnable walls.
swollen and stretched and bursting
throbbing with living thought,
pulsing and pushing and pressurized

please slice through
sluicing these puddles,
juices and wattery additions,
sticky splashes, splattered and strung about.

saliva strands, strung through the mouth beaded with sweat and un
spoken words,
working winding wishing wistful wandering
please practice perfect poses, pursed
lips, lit on edges of tea-soaked paper.

some words are never meant for thought.

June 5, 2007

The ideas sit in a refuse can
nasty teeth and claws and mouths and hands
We are only what we throw away.
Love story failed, cliff hanging suspense
novel ideas, shimmering in a toxic
destruction. Comatose.
Heartbeath hearthrob heartattack
stroke sniper silenced.
climbing over the edges, unraveling
uncrumpling, white edges, ink stained blot
marks men that can’t see