May 17, 2006

Tattoos and t-shirts,
simple scents and complicated thoughts, call me I’ll call you stop calling,
rock in the rocking chair and.
terminate the life that once said “live life lavish”
dig out and scrape out the eyes
and the ear
that could beat and breath, short breathed and half-memorized, baking
a thought into an impossible mold
throwing treasures away,
garbage mail,
a rising tide.

Where did you go?
Empty rocking chair on the porch, simple
glass of lemonade,
broken ice cubes and melted thoughts
lay placid and tepid alone
along the railing
watching for the rain, footsteps and whispered words, winding down. Destroying thought,
though there was this one way that you could walk forever down a path and never find irritation
and now.
there is only one path to walk down to find that endless satiation.
grabbing corners and edges,
we drag them across and through, watching the ruts well up with substance and life.
Heat heart hear.
horrible harassment, harranguing here. Haven heaven, have him hold her.

Where did home go?

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