August 24, 2005

And she thought, sitting on that high-lighted ledge,
thinking about tomorrow, and holding in her
hands, one last memory.
She thought about the highway,
talking about Chicago
and playing with his lighter.
She thought about laying in his bed,
pretending to watch one of his thousand movies,
but really focusing on heart beats.
She thought about being at work,
slipping in and out until the both clock out
and get on the highway,
talking about chicago,
and playing with his lighter.

And ten sublte trips later, she was no closer
and no father, but neither at the same place.
only farther and closer than she had been.
and voices, they came and wrapped around her fingers
and her voice trilled and rumbled, lumbering through
the wires until that answer came.

And all she said was “miss you too.”


August 4, 2005

A minor destruction.
a-minor destruction, sing it along with everything else.
she lost the stars, and her pockets were empty with holes on the inside.
meandering meaninglessly, mindlessly, morbidly.
memories sticky with forgetfullnes fall fragilly to the floor.

please shatter these glass shards into my eyes, she asked.
polarised and promising, insightful visions for a visual learner.

the sunglasses never really fit her face.

August 1, 2005

this practiced greed,
all eyes fixed on the stealing of stars.
(completely revolting)

She swallowed them one by one by one by one. and it was not enough to sate her, but she set it down anyway and left the room to sparrows.
these creatures that awake in her mind, waiting like vultures for thought, feeding on rationality. her eyes are gone.
they’re gone but she still sees
all that happened
and nothing was right.

so she took the angled ruler and set things straight. everything at the ninty degrees
that is should be at.
two figures, with small ones at their sides,
appear in the dark.
and complete wholeness is formed.

She swallowed them one by one by one by one. But it still was not enough.

this is how we dance in circles.