August 16, 2004

Hello. I’m sick.
stained ribbons of rags of clothes litter the floor while meandering thoughts will whispter themselves transparent through windows of talk. Once more, the wheel twisted its neck and threw perspiring words into the hands of small children and taught them how to speak the truth.
All the words of all the adults. The world was coming to an ultimate scream. It was time for a nap, so the lights dimmed and they all fell into the beds.
But one.
Because the memories and scents and energies robbed her of her sleep and her comfort and instead beat her with the thoughts of it all. Her mind was bruised tangle and she rarely stepped foot into that room where sleep was supposed to be a sanctuary.

“Sleep is where I’m supposed to be.”
She fell down one flight of stairs and her neck was intact. So she screamed and all the blood flowed perfectly.
a white gown was ruined.