July 31, 2004

There was a death. They buried the soul beneath the shadows and walked away, holding hands with the body. The songs and dancing commenced, a wedding of monotony to flesh. A robotic kind of repition.
Plastic bottles and plastic people walking around the outskirts of the reality, the question, why?
Only for a physical moment, only for a few handfuls of flesh and mouthfuls of air. disrobe and reveal, a moment at a time. Lies. Lines. Fall. Smile. Shed.
Fuck yourself clean and call it a morning, you walk away, hands held tight with the purpose that you came here for. Second best second chance left in a heartbeat when she says “okay”. A probability, you left surity to fend itself against a raging torrent of believable pain and blame.
Basement stagnant, such mind games you humans play.


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