February 19, 2004

hello darling, I’ve missed you like splinters in my heel.
Can’t you hear the rain?
It’s splitting your skull. Here, drink the blood.
Embalmed with symbolism and brine.
Watch your skin rot.
Maggots will stray from you as flies to a carcass.
opposing forces, wonderful paradoxes.
We gather at times of crises.
Kill your idols.


February 16, 2004

Suicidal confrontations.
Conflicts splitting the ends off like dyed hair.
Rings and bells, no grave to dig.
Bottle of pills, she said, will make the pain go away.
She swallowed the vodka and said goodnight, stumbling out the door,
her hips swaying pleasantly with the rhythm of the moon.
She stumbled down the steps and landed in oblivion.
she never came back.
Envious eyes all ’round the rooms.
touch the centre, feel a heat.
Cry the tears, acid burn trails.
fire held in the hands.
Hold me. tell me the world will end.

February 8, 2004

special specificly, slammed into smoke infested
seances, singing with shadows and slinging elbows
with spirits on high.
An eyebrow, peirced, lifts in question, two walk
the length of the room.
lights out. Living in the life, a moment in time.
Mind swirling with memorizations and mesmerized eyes,
maintaining an out of focus perspective.
Dance with me.
no. Go away.
Invasive fingers, prying the locks of the sanctuary.
Spirits thwart such an intruder, but there movements,
a dream like slow, pass through the flesh and into
elemental space where her mind has left her.
Lay down. drink water.

February 5, 2004

Welcome to a reality where everything is dead. Including you.
We slit your throat, and you never felt a thing. No noise was uttered from your pathetic lips. Your body made a satisfying drop to the bottom of the well. We poisoned it, so just incase you were still alive, you’d die of the water.

There is no Blue Faery and I’ll never be a real girl.